RIRS(Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery)

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RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery) is a minimally invasive surgical technique for treatment of kidney stones of size upto 2.5 to 3 cm using LASER to make stones into dust like particles.

Advantages are :

  • In this surgery No cuts (incisions) are given.
  • There is minimal blood loss
  • There is minimal hospital stay (Around 24 Hours)
  • Fast recovery to the work unless there is episodes of urinary infection after surgery.
  • RIRS is performed through natural orifice i.e. urethra.
  • We are doing RIRS with THULIUM LASER which is latest LASER technology.


Specially Suitable for :

  • Obese patient with kidney stones.
  • Bleeding disorder patient with kidney stone.
  • Very difficult anatomy of kidney.
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