Urology & Andrology

Urology & Andrology

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Dr. Amar Kumar a Senior Consultant Urologist at Vibhuti Hospital. He is doing Endourology Surgery like TURP ( prostate surgery) URSL ( ureteric calculus surgery), RIRS / PCNL/ Miniperc ( kidney stone surgery). He is also practicing Uro oncology (kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, penis, testis cancer treatment) with laparoscopic/open surgery. Apart from these, He is doing dialysis access surgery ( AV fistula, CAPD) and pediatric urology. He is also doing urinary incontinence treatment with a well-established Urodynamics lab.

General Urology

  • General Urology Urinary tract infection, blood in urine, circumcision, urinary incontinence, hydrocele and undescended testis, treatment of urinary obstruction by Prostate Endoscopically (TURP).


  • PCNL - Keyhole surgery to remove kidney stones.
  • URS - Endoscopy to treat ureteric stones with laser.
  • Vesicolithotripsy - Crushing bladder stones endoscopically

Reconstructive Urological Surgery

  • Pyeloplasty - Repairing the obstruction at the renal pelvis (PUJ).
  • Bladder Reconstructive Surgery - Increasing the capacity of the bladder by intestinal replacement ( Augmentation Cystoplasty)
  • Urethroplasty - Reconstruction of the damaged part of the urethra (Urethral Stricture).

Infertility and Impotence

  • Male infertility and impotence - Investigations and management of erectile dysfunction.
  • Management of male infertility (inability to father a child).
  • Testicular Biopsy, Vaso Epididymostomy, Varicocelectomy

Uro Oncolgy ( Laparpscopic and open surgery)

  • Kidney Cancer, Ca Bladder , Ca Prostate and Adrenal Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Penile Cancer


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M.Ch (CMC, Vellore)

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