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Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital


Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital is a Multispecialty Hospital at Shimla Bypass Road, Mehuwala, Dehradun. Hospital is offering Advanced Urology, Andrology and Infertility services in patient friendly environment.

Apart from routine Pathology, Radiology, Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures. hospital offers 24 X 7 Emergency services with ICU cases.

  • Health Care For All Types
  • Emergency Services
  • ICU Facility
  • 24/7 Services
  • 24/7 Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Trauma Center
Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital

Dr. Amar Kumar

Managing Director

Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital is recognized as the best urology hospital in Dehradun with world-class day-care facilities. The hospital also offers services related to infertility and andrology. It boasts a team of top urologists in Dehradun who diagnose the right cause of your problem and then decides the best treatment.

Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital also has facilities for pathology, radiology, and diagnostic testing. Advanced machines and instruments, a patient-friendly environment, and world-class patient care can define Vibhuti Hospital the best.

What Makes Vibhuti Hospital Different from Others?

Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital

Vibhuti hospital is proud to have the best urologist in Dehradun along with some experienced general physicians. 24/7 emergency care offered by the hospital lets patients get primary treatment on time. While on the other hand, the best team of doctors assesses the diagnostic reports to provide the best treatment for urology and andrology problems. This is what makes Vibhuti Hospital as the best urology hospital in Dehradun.


Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital

Vibhuti Hospital aims at providing the best urology care in Dehradun and improving the lives of patients. The goal of the hospital is to be counted among the best urology hospitals in India with world-class facilities and expertise in providing the best critical care.

Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital
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Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital
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Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital
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Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital
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Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital
Best Urologist in Dehradun

Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital is one of the leading healthcare services provider in Dehradun, Uttarakhand that has the best pool of highly qualified and experienced doctors to provide consultation as well as treatment to patients at all times, backed by the most efficient nurses and paramedics and managerial support staff.  Our experts offer holistic team-based care in promoting innovative and unsurpassed well-being of our patients while setting new benchmarks in medical & service excellence.

Vibhuti Hospital’s emergency medicine and trauma hospital care facilities contain specialty care sections for accident & trauma, cardiac emergencies, and paediatrics emergencies. The department consists of professionals with specialized training and years of experience in dealing with medical emergency situation.

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Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital

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Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital


    Vibhuti Super Speciality Hospital


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